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Every roof, every job, and every home’s energy use is different, so we design each solar energy install to suit the needs of that specific household.  We will use the best and most compatible products to ensure that our customers get the most efficient solar solution to suit their roof space.

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Clean Coast Solar & Electrical will conduct an in-depth analysis of your past and current electricity bills so we can best and most accurately calculate and design the most affordable and sustainable system to suit your needs and budget. 
We will provide you with all of your site details, system layout and reports for your approval.

Payment Options

At Clean Coast Solar & Electrical we offer hassle-free payment options including interest free loans with no up-front costs.


Have your system installed by fully qualified experienced tradesman, designers and installers with a wealth of knowledge ensuring your new solar energy install goes ahead as quoted to the safest and highest of quality and with the least amount of disruption caused, as possible.

Solar Panels

We have great relationships with the local suppliers which allows us to have access to the best range of solar panels on the market. This ensures we can source the most efficient panels to suit every new solar installation.

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We select from a number of inverters to suit each individual install including:
String inverter systems, DC optimised systems and micro inverter systems.


Ability to access smart monitoring solutions to ensure your system is performing at its optimum and with the ability for you to see real time figures from wherever you are on your mobile device.


With emerging  batter technology and rebates being offered in Australia we can offer a range of battery systems to store the energy solar system generates  during the day and use over night, minimising the energy you have to purchase from providers and reliance on the grid.

After Installation Support

We link your system to our online monitoring program so we can access and view real time figures from your system enabling us to offer a breakdown of your system’s performance.

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