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We offer a wide range of residential and commercial solutions and will work with you to provide the best option for your particular budget and energy needs

Jinko 440W All-Black Solar Panel

Jinko 440W All-Black 

25 Year Product Warranty & 30 Year Performance Warranty

  • 6.6kW All-Black Solar System, from $5,500 

  • 9.68kW All-Black Solar System from $9,000

  • 13.20kW All-Black Solar System from $11,000


Sungrow Inverter

Extended Warranty purchased with every Sungrow system to 15 years
Quieter than a Fridge with no large fans like others in the market

Greater design flexibility with up to 3 separate MPPT's
IP65 rated for outdoor installations

Sungrow App.jpg

Solar Monitoring 

Sungrow Energy Meter installed on every home
Full-Consumption Monitoring allows you to see how much solar is generated, house usage during the day and also grid energy.


Figtree 10kW.jpg

Clenergy "Hollywood"

We use Clenergy Black Anodised mounting kit "Hollywood"
Also use Black clamps to secure the panels to the rails
The most aesthetic mounting option with a trusted 25-year warranty

Once you go Black, you never go back to silver.

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